Tour Dates

Upcoming events where you can find us. For the most up to date information, check out our stories on Facebook and Instagram. For booking, please contact us here.

Check out our shop! 1880 Baron Rd, Unit C, Kelowna, BC. Hours are updated weekly at bottom of website. 

tattoo art show kelowna runaways lounge dragstrip devils anarchy coffee roasters

April to October
Wednesdays and Saturdays

1992 Dilworth Drive (Corner of Dilworth and Springfield Rd), Kelowna, BC

Concerts (click poster for tickets)

kelowna women's shelter benefit show space queen sweetbeast down the lees stone tortoise timjaspy runaways lounge anarchy coffee roasters bingo punks kelownashows
The Real McKenzies at Runaways Lounge

Early Onset Records Showcase Concert with Dead End Drive-In Indications Stuttr at Runaways Lounge in Kelowna BC Canada anarchy coffee roasters bingo punks

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