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The Headliner - Special Edition Costa Rica

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These Costa Rican beans I tell ya... They're out of this world. Not the first time we've featured a Costa Rican bean in the Headliner category and that's for good reason. This one is like having cake for breakfast. We'll let this note from our importer do the talking:

"A Natural Processed Coffee Bean: Strawberry shortcake, with creamy body, super sweet cup, fresh sweetbread notes and vanilla finish.  Truly and outstanding cup to experience.

This micro-lot is highly sought after with roasters that appreciate the elevated craft of farm development & processing that takes coffee to the next cup level.

This is one of those coffees you will remember years from now."

And we concur.

Farm Traceable from Villa Triunfo in West Valley Naranjo. Grown at 1400m and is a new hybrid bean varietal called H1 Centroamericano


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