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Anarchy Coffee Roasters is a small-batch, ethically sourced coffee roaster based in Kelowna, BC. They offer a wide range of roasts that are energising, unique, and full of character - just like their love for music. This anarchist-run business is about doing what they love most and providing delicious coffee and good experiences to kind souls in their world.

But don't let their love for coffee fool you. These guys are not afraid to have a chat about anti-capitalism or anti-colonialism. So, if you're looking for some stimulating conversation, just head down to where they're brewing beans, and you'll be welcomed with open arms.

Established in the valley of Whistler, BC, Anarchy Coffee Roasters began as a pursuit of the perfect cup every morning. After travelling all over the world and experiencing so many delicious cups of coffee, they couldn't help but wonder why coffee in Canada wasn't taken as seriously. They knew there was a better way.

Their journey into coffee roasting began after visiting coffee plantations in Thailand in 2016. Being a hands-on kinda guy, the founder, Bailey, started playing around with the idea of building his own coffee roaster in his workshop. With some success, he realised how amazing freshly roasted quality beans tasted. He knew this would turn into something much bigger...and more fun.

In 2019, Anarchy Coffee Roasters was born with the purchase of a Mill City Coffee Roaster and the help of an old punk rocker friend, Jesse. Now, they're all about combining their two favourite things: coffee and loud music. So, if you're looking for a coffee roaster that's all about good vibes, quality beans, and punk rock, Anarchy Coffee Roasters is your go-to.


Coffee Roaster #1 : A Weber Kettle Coffee Bean Roaster #1 - 
The Weber Kettle coffee roaster was a tiny powerhouse that roasted beans to perfection, and was used to create delicious coffee blends and plant the seeds of what's to come.
Coffee Bean Roaster #2 - Our coffee connoisseurs conducted research into drum-roasting principles and created a one-of-a-kind contraption involving a pot on bearings over a flame, powered by an adjustable electric motor, to achieve precise control over the roasting process and produce exceptional coffee blends.
Coffee Bean Roaster #3 - We 
continued to refine our drum-roasting principles, building upon our previous experiment and creating a new setup that produced exceptional beans while providing valuable insights on machine operation and roast profiling. The resulting coffee blends were a testament to their dedication to the craft.
Coffee Bean Roaster #4 -After experimenting with different roasting setups, we recognized the need for a state-of-the-art roasting machine to take their specialty coffee business to the next level. Enter the Mill City 1Kg Roaster - a versatile and adjustable machine that made it possible to duplicate roasts to perfection and ensure consistent quality. It was a dream come true for the company and helped to establish their reputation as a purveyor of exceptional coffee.
1989 Starcraft Trailer - After some serious elbow grease, including ripping it apart, bolting on steel, slapping on a fresh coat of paint, and giving it some serious guts, they transformed it into a fully functional mobile latte-making machine. You can find them at Kelowna Farmers Market every Wednesday and Saturday until November, serving up a variety of delicious fresh-brewed coffee options and offering bags to take home.
Coffee Bean Roaster #5 - We found the perfect roasting machine in the Mill City 1Kg Roaster but needed something BIGGER, enter the 10Kg model - a versatile and adjustable model that allowed them to consistently duplicate roasts with precision and maintain exceptional quality in our coffee blends. As a bonus, the roaster even came in our signature black color, making it a perfect fit for the Anarchy brand.


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