Our Story

Anarchy Coffee Roasters is based out of Kelowna, BC, Canada and proud to offer small batch, ethically sourced coffee beans. We love our coffee like we love our music- energizing, unique, and full of character. We provide a wide range of roasts to help pick you up in the the morning, get stoked, and go out in the world ready to kick some ass.

Established in the valley of Whistler, BC, this is our story:

The pursuit of the perfect cup every morning became a task I could not ignore. After travelling all over the world and experiencing so many delicious cups of coffee I couldn't help but think: "why is coffee in Canada not taken as seriously? Gas-station, industrial-brewed coffee is what we drink and cream and sugar is the only thing that will make it go down smooth." Clearly, there is a better way. 

I got into coffee roasting after visiting coffee plantations in Thailand in 2016. There, on a whim, I purchased a bag of green coffee to see what kind of rabbit hole I could get myself into. Being a hands-on kinda guy I started playing around with the idea of building my own coffee roasters in my workshop. With some success I realized how amazing freshly roasted quality beans taste. I then knew this would turn into something much bigger...and more fun.

In 2019 I purchased a Mill City Coffee Roaster and opened Anarchy Coffee Roasters with my old punk rocker friend, Jesse. Any excuse to combine two of my favourite things: Coffee and Loud Music.

Rock on,


Roaster #1: A Weber Kettle- Great little unit, roasted the beans, got the gears turning. 


Roaster #2: After researching the basic principles of drum-roasting, I came up with this contraption. A pot on bearings over a flame, driven by an adjusable electric motor. 


Roaster #3: Dialling in those principles learned from the previous experiment. This one worked well, produced some great beans- mostly provided a massive learning experience on several factors regarding machine operating and roast profiling.


Roaster #4: Mill City 1Kg Roaster- My previous experiment proved worthy of pumping out a great tasting coffee- but was it enough to help jump-start a specialty coffee roasting business? Probably not. Bring in the Mill City Roaster- a state of the art roasting machine that is adjustable on several levels. Making it possible to duplicate roasts to a T and ensure the quality of coffee is going in the right direction. A dream come true!